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Summer Air Conditioning Tips to Keep You Cool in Clarksville

By July 7, 2020April 20th, 2023No Comments

Summer Air Conditioning Tips to Keep You Cool in ClarksvilleSummer air conditioning season has arrived and is certainly setting records in some areas of the country. Fortunately, the heat has been pretty normal for Clarksville this year, though it is certainly still hot.

As we continue to look at the forecast and the continued heat, it is becoming more evident you need to have a functioning air conditioning system. While some people think this is just a mere luxury, it is actually a matter of your health.

Consider that every year it is estimated that heat alone contributes to more than 1,300 deaths around the United States. These are all deaths that are preventable with properly functioning AC systems.

So how do you make sure yours is working properly, and saving you money in the process? Check out the following tips. (continue below)

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How To Keep Your System Running Efficiently

Energy efficiency is a buzz word when it comes to heating and cooling systems. The greater the efficiency, the less energy is being used to achieve the desired temperature. Here is how to improve it.


Clean or Replace Your Filters

Most people know that they should change their air filters, but lack the understanding as to why. Your entire system works by being able to circulate air. If the air filters are clogged, then air cannot circulate properly. It is easy and inexpensive to replace your filters. Some can even be cleaned to help extend their life.


Clean the Condensation Drain

When troubleshooting your air conditioner you want to look at the condensation drain. This is part of the inside unit and allows for condensation to drain away from the unit. If this is clogged it can cause water damage, not to mention problems with mold.


Remove Debris From Around Your Condenser Unit

The condenser unit is the outside component of your AC system. If debris like brush or grass is too close, it will inhibit air from flowing through the unit properly. As a general rule, keep about two feet of clearance around your condenser unit.


Schedule Regular Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is one of the best things you can do to help keep your system running efficiently. During regular maintenance, an HVAC technician will clean all of the critical parts, as well as look for signs of parts wearing out. This reduces the strain on the entire system, which both reduces your energy bill as well as your repair bills.


Additional Ways to Save Money

There are some additional ways to help your system run more efficiently and save you money.


Use Ceiling Fans

Everyone knows that fans help cool you down when the weather is hot. The simple act of moving air across your skin helps to reduce your temperature by about four degrees. Ceiling fans also help to circulate the air temperature. This means that the entire room is experiencing better cooling, reducing cool and hot spots. This helps keep your cycle times consistent.


Change Your Temperature Setting

Changing your temperature setting by as few as seven degrees can save you up to 10% annually on your energy bills. This also reduces the strain on your system, especially when it is extremely hot outside. The Department of Energy recommends setting your temperature at about 78 degrees during the summer.

Also, try turning off your system at night when it is cool outside, and just open your windows and use fans. This will reduce your overall energy use as well as extend the life of your system.


Install a Smart Thermostat

Your thermostat should be changed about every ten years, or roughly when you replace your air conditioner or furnace. A smart thermostat gives you more control over the temperature than a simple programmable model. These allow you to adjust your temperature from your smartphone. This means you can adjust the temperature if you are running outside your normal schedule. It also means you can be sure the kids are not playing with the thermostat, inadvertently running up your bill while you are away.


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Install Energy Efficient Windows

Windows can be a huge source of energy loss. Sure, the big picturesque windows are nice for letting the sunshine in, but they can also let heat in during the summer and out during the winter. Energy-efficient windows have a special gas between the panes of glass that help block about 90% of the sun’s rays. This allows the light in without creating an oven.


Seal Air Leaks

Along with windows, there are many areas that allow heat to leak in or out. These are commonly around doors but may also leak through your walls, your roof, and around your windows if they are not properly sealed. Look at your insulation and be sure it is in good condition.

Troubleshooting your air conditioning system can be time-consuming and expensive if you do not know what you are doing. Work with a professional technician in Clarksville to make the process smooth and less expensive.


Call an Experienced Professional if Your System is Malfunctioning

Do you have an extremely old system? Are you seeing or hearing things that weren’t there before? If you suspect that the system is not working properly, you should call a professional as soon as possible.

A few signs that the system is in trouble include abnormal noises or smells, an extremely cold home, expensive bills, and frequent shutoffs. Regardless of the concern, an experienced professional can solve the problem and perform the necessary repairs before an emergency occurs.

Prevention and AC Tune-up costs are much more reasonable than having a costly repair later. Whether you live in Clarksville, TN or somewhere close by, the professionals at DOC Heating and Cooling are ready to help. The highly-trained technicians are available 24/7 for emergency calls and for regular maintenance to help keep your heating & cooling system running smoothly.

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