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Should You Automate Your HVAC System?

By September 30, 2019August 26th, 2020No Comments

Automate Your HVAC System

If you are thinking about replacing your HVAC system, you may want to have a conversation with your HVAC technician about options to automate your HVAC system. When you are thinking about this or that type of model, be sure you investigate how those are equipped when it comes to the latest technology. Even if you choose not to automate now you will have the option in the future to enhance your home and even reduce your energy costs.

What Type of HVAC Automation is Available?

Residential property owners now have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an HVAC system or its components. Everything from programmable and touchscreen thermostats to innovative apps that allow users to access their system from anywhere in the world are just a few of the options you can consider when upgrading your HVAC system. Today’s systems are also much more technically advanced and have smart sensors to more effectively self-modulate to better control temperature. Improved control leads to more efficient use of energy and ultimately results in lower energy bills.

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Automate Your HVAC

HVAC Automation

Touchscreen Thermostat

Many homeowners are opting for new touchscreen thermostats that are convenient to operate. Many of these devices do more than just control the home’s temperature. Some models have been developed to monitor or even control humidity, ventilation, and fan settings. These thermostats are programmable as well and are far more user friendly than they once were. You can program your thermostat to reduce heat or air conditioning during the hours you are away and then increase heating or AC operation an hour or so before get home. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and you still get the energy savings every month.

Automate Your HVAC with Smartphone Apps

When you are looking to Automate Your HVAC many new systems are built to be compatible with your smartphone by using a mobile app. You can adjust your thermostat settings from anywhere, which is another great way to cut back on energy use and ultimately save money. If you are running late or change your plans, you can turn down your heat, for instance, so you aren’t consuming more energy at home than you need. This is a very convenient feature and can lead to big savings over the course of a year.

Zoning Systems

Many homeowners are opting for new systems that allow multiple zones within their home that can be independently controlled. If you aren’t using specific areas of your home during the day or evening, it makes sense to reduce the energy being used in these spaces. This ca be a great way to enhance comfort for each member of the household. Some people get cold easily and while others can’t stand to be overly warm. It also makes sense to adjust temperatures for upstairs and downstairs since heat rises and cool air sinks. You can now adjust your system accordingly. When you install a system that supports zone control, you can more effectively control temperature and humidity throughout your entire home or business.


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Technology and Variable Speeds

Many new HVAC systems are now equipped to support variable speeds. Variable speed handlers affect the beginning and ending of heating and cooling cycles. As speeds reduce, less energy is consumed and the cost of energy use also diminishes. Variable speed handlers are designed to still maintain temperature settings while using less energy and reducing cost.

What Technology Features Are Ideal for Your Home?

Today’s new HVAC systems marry functionality with convenience and allow you to choose controls and technology options that best fit your lifestyle. You can also choose models that complement the unique design of your home. Unless you are an HVAC professional, it can be difficult to be aware of all the latest advances in residential heating and cooling systems. The pros at DOC Heating & Cooling are here to help you assess your space and help you choose the options that are best for you when replacing your system.

In the end, there’s no reason you can’t choose a new system that enhances the comfort of your home but also saves you money on energy. An energy-efficient system that allows for improved convenience is what you will have to look forward to once your new HVAC system is installed. From smart thermostats to mobile apps, you will be able to select a new system that is easy to use and ideally suited to your family’s heating and cooling needs.

An ounce of prevention, and some common sense, often, makes a significant difference, in a homeowner’s overall energy bill. Need Us Today? We’re on the Way! DOC Heating & Cooling offers our Clarksville Area customers residential and commercial heating & ac repair, maintenance and installation of new systems. The professionals at DOC Heating & Cooling are always ready to keep your family or customers and employees comfortable.

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