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10 Energy Saving Tips for Winter

By December 26, 2019June 17th, 2022No Comments

Energy Saving Tips for Winter in ClarksvilleThe winter season is cold and staying warm can be costly. The best way to conserve your energy and to stretch your energy budget is by using energy saving tips. The following energy saving hacks can help you to keep your home toasty and your wallet full.

1. The Sun is your Ally when it Comes to Heating your Home

Most people think that the sun’s energy is not useful when it’s very cold outside. That is not the truth. The sun’s energy always burns bright and it’s always warm. Even on the coldest day it still produces a tremendous amount of heat. If you open your curtains on a cold but sunny day in Clarksville, the bright light will help to warm up your house by a few degrees. The sun’s heat can make your home comfortable and cozy without overusing your thermostat.

2. Instant Insulation for your Windows

You should use a plastic window covering during the wintertime. The covering is designed to keep blowing cold and wind out of your home. You can buy specially designed plastic window coverings for this purpose. This hack is also beneficial with homes that energy saving windows installed. The added barrier will help to keep drafts out of the house.

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3. Seal the Cracks and Holes in your Home

Newer homes might not have a problem with cracks and holes in the walls or near the foundation. However, older homes might have this problem. If your home (regardless of its age) has cracks or holes in its foundation, then you should seal up those holes. You can use a caulk or plaster sealant for your home in Clarksville. You can also repair holes and cracks by filling them up with other materials. Rock-wool, fiberglass or cellulose are good materials for closing the airways in your home. Plaster is also commonly used for sealing up big cracks and holes.

4. Space Heaters can be used to Raise the Temperature in your Home

Space heaters should not be used up your entire house. However, they should be used to heat up certain parts of your home. You can use your heating system to warm up your house to get it very warm. Then, you should use a space heater to keep heat in various rooms. Small areas such as bedrooms or bathrooms can be heated up quickly with the use of a space heater. This will help to stretch your heat further. Space heaters can also save you money on your overall heating costs.

5. Dress Warmly in your Home During the Wintertime

Many people don’t like to wear the right type of clothing when it’s cold. If a person would put on the appropriate clothing during the winter months, they could use less heat. Wearing warm sweaters, thick pajamas and even socks and hoodies around the home will keep a person from being too cold. You will not need to use as much heat if you dress warmly.

6. Try to Get Better Energy Rates

Shopping around for better energy rates makes good sense when it comes to conserving energy. Search for an energy supplier that can provide you with competitive rates. These rates will allow you to save money on your energy bill. They can also help you to save money by allowing you to use more heat but at a lower expense.

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7. Smart Thermostats Provide Better Energy Usage

Smart thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust temperatures within your home. A smart thermostat can provide you with features such as auto heating and automatic shutoff. Auto heating will allow you to set your heat at a certain temperature and have it shut off once it reaches that temperature level. You can also have your heat shut on at a certain time of the day and then cut itself off. Apps can also help you to control the heat form outside of your home. You can also do the same thing from outside of your home.

8. Reduce the Temperature of your Water Heater

Turning down the temperature of your water heater during the winter months will help to conserve energy. Reducing your water heater’s temperature will also save money and keep the people in your household from burning themselves.

9. Upgrade your Gas Furnace

Upgrade your HVAC system by improving the ducts and adding on an Energy Star gas furnace. Making these 2 changes will help to lower your heating costs and keep your home warmer. Securing the ventilation ducts and improving the air flow will provide better circulation and maintain hotter temperatures within your environment. Don’t forget that an Energy Star gas furnace produces a good amount of heat by burning less energy.

10. Remember your Ceiling Fans

Run your ceiling fan during the winter months. It will help to circulate more of the heat in your home. Remember that heat rises and a circulating ceiling fan will stretch it further. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, have one installed. It will make a difference with your home’s heat and your finances.

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