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Air Conditioning Repair

DOC Heating & Cooling specializes in air conditioning repair in the Clarksville Tennessee area. Our air conditioner experts are available 24/7, including most holidays, for repair and maintenance of the central air conditioning system in your home or business.

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Air Conditioner Repair in Clarksville TN

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Air Conditioning Repair in Clarksville TN

Stay Cool & Comfortable

Murphy’s Law says that your ac system will generally stop working on the hottest day of the year. It’s important to have an professional and licensed air conditioning company that you can count on to get your system fixed quickly and correctly, the first time.

DOC Heating & Cooling offers exclusive service guarantees so you can rest assured that not only will we will be there when we say we will but we will get the repair done right, quickly, and at the price we quoted.

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AC Services

DOC Heating & Cooling technicians have the knowledge and the tools to fix your ac system, no matter what type of air conditioning system you have. Any one of our friendly, experienced technicians can help you with any of the following along with many other services not listed:

AC Compressors

Air Handlers

Ductless Systems

High-efficiency Options

Air Conditioning Filters

Evaporator Coils

UV Lights

Zoned Systems


Evaporative Coolers

Air Conditioning Repair

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Whether you live in Clarksville, TN or somewhere close by we are ready to help. Our highly trained technicians are available 24/7 to keep your heating & cooling system running smoothly.

Your Air Conditioner is Running, but it’s not Cooling Your Home.

Your System Turns on and off Frequently.

Your Energy Bills are Increasing, but your Air Conditioner Usage Hasn’t Increased.

Dust Pollen or Debris can be Seen Inside the Unit.

Some Areas of your Space are Comfortable, While Others are Noticeably Warmer.

Dirty Filters or Closed Registers can Inhibit Air Flow Leading to Frozen Coils.

AC Repair Warning Signs

When your air conditioning system is in need of repair, it may not always be obvious. There can be many signs that your system is in need of repair or maintenance. Our skilled technicians have experience servicing a long list of air conditioning brands, and can get yours back up and running quickly. Need to repair or replace your old system? We offer the lowest prices with the most reliable service. Watch for these symptoms, as they can be a signal that your system is ready for a repair service:

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