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3 Problems Caused By an Over-size AC Unit

By January 8, 2020September 15th, 2022No Comments

During the winter when temperatures are below freezing, the only thing you want is to stay warm and cozy. In fact, probably the last thing you want to think about is your air conditioning when it’s below zero outside.

Thankfully, summer will arrive and once again, it will be time to turn on the AC. And depending on where you live, you might even need to cool your home even in the spring.

But prior to flipping the switch, you need to make sure that your unit is ready to wage war on the often-scorching temps. And even though some people think bigger is better, when it comes to your AC, that’s not always the case. In fact, using a system that’s too large for your home can serious damage. Below are three of the biggest problems caused when you have an oversized AC system.

Comfort Levels in Your Home

Your AC unit has more than one job. It not only cools your home, but it’s also supposed to remove excess moisture from indoor air. But for your air conditioning to perform both functions effectively, the air must pass over the evaporator coil properly.

When it does, the temperature drops to a point where the air is comfortable, yet not too cold. However, when the AC unit is too big, the temperature can drop rapidly, causing your home to be too cool, almost cold. It can also cause the air to feel sticky, as if there is too much humidity in the air.

When the unit is the right size for your home, humidity levels are usually between 30 to 50 percent. However, if your air conditioning unit is too big, humidity levels increase dramatically. This often leads to homeowners lowering the temperature on the thermostat even more, which only aggravates the problem. (continue below)

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Poor Indoor Air Quality

Being uncomfortably cold isn’t the only problem an over-sized unit can cause. With increased humidity levels, it’s not uncommon for mold to start growing as well, especially in areas that are already prone to mold growth. The worst part is that even if you don’t see actual mold growth, which is usually black or green, there can still be mold spores floating in the air. Mold spores can cause mold growth on just about any surface, including furniture.

Unfortunately, mold spores can cause a slew of health problems such as chronic cough, sneezing, itchy eyes and even asthma-type symptoms. These symptoms don’t only affect people suffering from allergies, asthma or other chronic respiratory issues.

They can occur in healthy children and adults as well. The worst part is, not many people tend to think their AC unit is causing the problem. They might even write it off as a virus or simply a cold that won’t go away.

But mold isn’t the only problem having an oversized air conditioning unit can cause. When the HVAC unit is too big, dust mites can also become a huge problem as well. Increased levels of humidity make it harder to trap dust mites in your vacuum and in your system’s filter. In turn, you might find that no matter how often you clean, there’s always a thin layer of dust.


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Potential Damage from an Oversized AC System 

In addition to possibly causing poor indoor air, mold growth and not doing its job overall, using an oversize ac unit cause and structural damage as well. When you have an oversized AC, it can cause the window frame to split and crack. In fact, if left alone, it can cause serious damage to the walls around the window as well, if it’s a window unit.

When it comes to centralized air conditioning, in addition to possible mold growth and interior wall damage, it can also hyperinflate your monthly energy bills.

In addition, when the oversize AC unit runs more than it should. It starts and stops more than a smaller unit would because it can’t reach the temperature set in the thermostat.

Over time, this can cause an excessive amount of wear and tear on the unit, causing the unit need maintenance, repair or possible replacement sooner than if its smaller counterparts. If you’ve recognized a pattern of needing repair of your HVAC, especially during the summer, contact a Clarksville HVAC company to inspect further.


Final Thoughts

It’s not always easy to determine whether your air conditioning unit is the right size. Even when it seems to be working fine, it can start acting up out of the blue. The best way to ensure your home is equipped with the right size HVAC system is by proper inspection.

A qualified HVAC technician in Clarksville can determine the make and model of your unit. They can also determine whether the system is the right size for your home and make recommendations for replacement if it isn’t.

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