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3 Reasons Your Home is Dusty

By February 4, 2020August 26th, 2020No Comments

Dusty House Caused by Furnace or Air ConditionerDo you ever feel like you just cleaned your home, yet every time you turn around the furniture or floors are dusty? Does it seem like it is a never-ending battle? Your furnace and AC filter could be responsible for the dust that seems to come out of nowhere to undo your hard work. There are steps you can take to remove the dust from your home and avoid recirculating it throughout the house by way of your heating and cooling systems.

Using the Wrong Furnace or AC Filter

All filters are not created equally. Not only do you need to make sure the size is correct, but also that the rating on the filter is an eight or above. Filters are classified using a MERV, or Media Efficiency Rating Value, rating system. Any filter that is rated less than an eight is inferior and will not be able to filter out small particles of spores, mold and dust. While you may pay a little more for a quality filter, it will pay for itself in benefits. (continue below)

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Dusty Home

Dusty Home Caused by Furnace or Air Conditioning

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Replace Furnace and AC Filter Regularly

Monthly checks of your filter are recommended to vigilantly watch for when it is full and not letting air through easily. Prompt replacement is necessary to keep everything functioning efficiently. Think of it as a sponge that is saturated with water. Once it is full, it is unable to soak up any more water and the water just runs through it. The same thing happens with your furnace filter when it is full of dust. It is no longer able to hold any more particles and they just move on past the filter. The dust that gets past the filter can harm your heating and cooling system. The plugged filter can cause the equipment to work harder by not allowing it to take in the air it needs without overworking.

Replacing the filter frequently may seem like an unnecessary expense, but almost half of all service calls are due to inadequate maintenance of the system. Replacing the filter will not only save your equipment, but can avoid a breakdown when the weather is at its most extreme. Regular maintenance will keep your heating and cooling systems at their optimal performance for a longer lifetime.


Change Setting on Thermostat When Cleaning

One little-known trick that can help you when you are cleaning is to turn the fan to the “ON” function instead of “AUTO.” This will cause the fan to blow air throughout the house and also to suction air through the cold air returns. This will pull the dust and other airborne particles from the living area into the system and ultimately the filter, removing it from your living space. As long as your filter is maintained and able to filter the particles, this is like having another set of hands to help you with your housework. Just do not forget to return the thermostat to the “AUTO” position when finished to avoid wasting energy and filling your house with unwanted humidity.


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Check for Leaking Ducts

All of your home’s duct work is located in dusty areas such as basements, attics and wall spaces. According to Energy Star, between 20% and 30% of homes have leaky ducts. This can be a simple fix, with a huge benefit. Having ducts that have leaky seams causes the dusty air in these unused areas to be pulled into the system, then recirculated throughout the home. Professional licensed HVAC contractors with DOC Heating & Cooling, located in Clarksville, are trained to detect leaks in the system and are able to seal the seams in a short period of time by using mastic or duct tape. This will keep the unconditioned air and dust particles on the outside of the duct system where they belong. There is very little time required to correct this and you will not even have to leave the house while they work.

By following these few steps, you can keep your home looking cleaner by ridding your home of the dust that settles on all of your furniture and floors. Not only will your home appear cleaner, the quality of the air in your home will improve noticeably. You will notice less respiratory irritation and allergy symptoms will decrease as the quality of air improves. By providing regular maintenance to your filters and systems, you improve the health of not only the systems but also the health of yourself and other family members.

Prevention and maintenance costs are much more reasonable than having a costly repair later. Whether you live in Clarksville, TN or somewhere close by, the professionals at DOC Heating and Cooling are ready to help. The highly-trained technicians are available 24/7 for emergency calls and for regular maintenance to help keep your heating & cooling system running smoothly.

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Whether you live in Clarksville, TN or somewhere close by we are ready to help. Our highly trained technicians are available 24/7 to keep your heating & cooling system running smoothly.

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