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When to Consider a Heating Upgrade

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Heating Upgrade

The middle of the winter season is not really an ideal time of the year to replace a furnace or heat pump, obviously. However, we also don’t live in an area that is known for arctic like temperatures, so it is not out of the question to do so. If you are not happy with your heater, and you don’t want to put up with it until this heating season passes, you can certainly make the process of an upgrade a little simpler and possibly a little cheaper by doing it in the “slow” season for heating & cooling.

There are plenty of instances in which a heating replacement may be a good idea, and not only because the heater breaks down entirely. Read on, and contact us with any questions that you may have regarding a heating replacement in the Clarksville area. If you decide to replace your heater whether a furnace or heat pump, you can trust the pros at DOC Heating and Cooling to make sure that the job is done right the first time. (continue below)


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These are some major points to keep in mind when deciding on whether or not to replace your furnace or heat pump. If your heater is getting very old, and is already at or beyond its projected lifespan, you don’t need to have it replaced in the middle of winter (assuming it is working fine). It is a good idea to let the system go out on a high note, though, and to replace it before it does give out entirely.

Older systems will likely cost more to run, in addition to not being as reliable which often leads to costly repairs and the inconvenience of break-downs. You may also have invested in a relatively inefficient system at the time of purchase. If you can afford to upgrade, then you can save money over time in energy costs and by avoiding frequent repairs.

There is also the performance quality of the system to consider. Is your heater simply not heating your home as effectively as it once did? Are your energy bills way higher than you think they should be? If so, then why not invest in a replacement system now, rather than waiting for the peak of the heating season? It’s better to plan a replacement than to suffer a breakdown, and our professionals can get a new system in place that will satisfy your heating needs without putting you out for a long period.


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Finally, keep your overall satisfaction with your heater in mind. If you want a heat pump, for instance, but inherited a furnace with the purchase of your home, that is reason enough to replace it. It’s your heater, and you deserve to be 100% satisfied with its overall performance.

An ounce of prevention, and some common sense, often, makes a significant difference, in a homeowner’s overall energy bill. Need Us Today? We’re on the Way! DOC Heating & Cooling offers our Clarksville Area customers residential and commercial heating & ac repair, maintenance and installation of new systems. The professionals at DOC Heating & Cooling are always ready to keep your family or customers and employees comfortable.

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