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7 Reasons to Consider a New Furnace

By January 21, 2020August 26th, 2020One Comment

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Most heating systems will last around 10 to 20 years with in-home maintenance. After that period, your home heating system might fail at any time. Your home’s new furnace will last for a lifetime with continued maintenance if you continue to replace parts of the system that fail. It might also be wise to replace the entire heating system if you have not done so already. We listed many reasons to replace your heating system when you grow tired of spending money on continued maintenance.


Blower Motor Fails

Everyone knows the blower throws heat into the home. After the blower stops working correctly, you lose all heating capacity inside your home. If the motor stops functioning, the entire system goes down without no supply of heat. Replacing a blower unit can cost you over a thousand dollars with labor. It might be time to replace the whole heating system with the latest technology after this happens. (continue below)

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Heat Exchanger Inside the Furnace Has Cracked

Carbon monoxide and other gases are exhausted through the heat exchanger. It allows these gases to leak into the house through the ductwork when the unit is failing. This is a health hazard to all those that live in the home. Prices to repair this problem can go into thousands of dollars. This is another reason to replace your current heating system with a new unit. Carbon gases can infiltrate your system. This is the reason you should have an expert examine your home for potential issues.

Circuit Board Has Failed

The circuit board controls many functions associated with a system. It controls everything dealing with how the furnace operates. This is the memory or brain of how the system operates. It controls how much heat is displaced until the system shuts down.

It controls everything dealing with a home heating system. Without a working circuit board, the entire heating unit is useless. A new circuit board can cost $400 to $1000 to replace. A new furnace would cost more but last you many years into the future of owning your present home.

Constant Repairs Are Costing Dollars

This is the time to say enough. You need to replace the current system with a modern system that controls both heat and cool air. A heating and air conditioning system might be the ultimate solution to your problem. Repair costs can add up to thousands of dollars over time. You will wind up spending more money replacing parts that the heating unit is worth over time.


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Lowering Home Heating Bills

A new system will help lower heating bills. Our heating technicians will install the new unit and check all ductwork to ensure that the system is functioning as intended. Your home may need updated work on the existing system to repair problems associated with the unit. Our work is guaranteed to will ensure the unit is operating efficiently so you have adequate heat to all areas of your home.

A new unit will save you money over the time spent in the home. Many people replace old systems to sell their house. You have an advantage of living in your house for many years if you replace the current heating system.


The House Is Uncomfortable

Your home has problems with one area being different in heating from the other. Some homes have rooms that are hard to keep warm with supplement heat sources. A sure sign that you need to think seriously about a new home heating unit is where temperatures vary in rooms.

Older homes need new ductwork and a modern heating unit installed to keep all residents happy. Clarksville will supply what you need to keep comfortable during the coldest of winters. Never let cold winters persuade you from making a choice between your family’s comforts.


Selling Your Home

Homeowners thinking about selling their home should already know about existing problems. One of them could be the current heat and air system. Everyone needs to have their existing home evaluated for problems with the heating system. Buyers want a home in excellent condition when they come to visit the home on the open market.

You must make sure that the home you are selling is in the best condition for the real estate market. Remodeling projects are a must for resells that includes updating a worn heating system. A fast way to make potential customers flee is with an old heating system. You can research for modern heating systems inside your home online or by calling our Clarksville office.

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  • Thank you for pointing out that a new furnace can help decrease bills. My heating bill went up from last month. It seems like it would be a good idea for me to find a reliable HVAC contractor to consult with.

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