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Adding Value to Your Home with an HVAC Upgrade

By June 26, 2020March 16th, 2024No Comments

HVAC Upgrade for your Clarksville HomeFew people look at an HVAC upgrade as an investment in their home. Rather, it is a necessary evil, providing comfort when it works, and draining a wallet when it does not.

This perspective is easy to see because the HVAC system is often overlooked and unnoticed unless there is a problem. However, these upgrades can be an incredible investment in your home if you are looking to sell in the near future.

3 Reasons to Consider an HVAC Upgrade

#1 Loss of Home Value

The number one reason to invest in your HVAC system is to avoid reducing your home value. This is especially important if you are considering selling your home. While most people may not notice a newer system, they will notice an outdated one. If your system is rusty, looks like it came from the 1960s or like it has not been serviced in that long, this is a major risk for you. (continue below)

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#2 High Return on Investment

Compared with other home renovation and upgrade projects, HVAC upgrades have a relatively high return on investment. According to the National Association of Realtors, HVAC system improvements yield up to a 71% return. Compare this to the average of the 56% return estimated on home improvements overall.


#3 Improved Energy Efficiency

The final reason to invest in your HVAC system is improved energy efficiency. These improvements, in addition to increasing home value, will also reduce your energy heating costs. Add into that you will reduce your own energy footprint, so you can feel good about making the investment too.


When Do You Need to Replace Your System?

Upgrading your HVAC system does not always mean you need to replace it. So how do you know if you need repairs or need to consider furnace and AC upgrades? Here are a couple of questions to ask that will help you make that determination.


How Old Is Your Current System?

One of the first things to consider is the age of your system. The average central air system will last 15-20 years. A furnace will last about the same amount of time when properly maintained. If you are nearing the end of this service life, you may consider replacing it, even if it is still working perfectly. Part of the investment is the improved energy efficiency that comes with newer models. This is increasingly important to prospective home buyers.


Can You Repair It?

If your system is not quite to the end of its service life, you may look at options to repair it. A professional HVAC technician in Clarksville will be able to help keep your system efficiently when regularly maintained. Minor repairs and regular maintenance include replacing electrical components, cleaning, refrigerant level checks, and tightening. These steps help the system both last the intended service life but also maintain the rated efficiency for the system.

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Types of HVAC Upgrades

Most people immediately think about replacing a furnace or air conditioner when they think about system upgrades. However, those are not the only upgrades you can make that will improve the overall value of your home.


Home Improvements

There are several upgrades that most people categorize under the home improvement but that nonetheless improves the HVAC system. Below are some of the best to consider:

  • Double or triple-pane vinyl-insulated windows
  • Attic and wall insulation
  • New exterior doors
  • Weatherstripping
  • New roof

While some of these may seem like general improvements, they can also reduce heating and cooling energy consumption by up to 25%.


Furnace & AC Upgrades

This is what most people will look at when considering system upgrades. Rather than just replacing your current model with a newer similar version, you may want to evaluate your needs. Have you expanded your home, possibly needing additional capacity for your system? Would this be a good time to consider a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier? Maybe its time to consider a geothermal system. A trained professional will help you work through the options.


Call an Experienced Professional if Your System is Malfunctioning

Do you have an extremely old system? Are you seeing or hearing things that weren’t there before? If you suspect that the system is not working properly, you should call a professional as soon as possible.

A few signs that the system is in trouble include abnormal noises or smells, an extremely cold home, expensive bills, and frequent shutoffs. Regardless of the concern, an experienced professional can solve the problem and perform the necessary repairs before an emergency occurs.

Prevention and AC Tune-up costs are much more reasonable than having a costly repair later. Whether you live in Clarksville, TN or somewhere close by, the professionals at DOC Heating and Cooling are ready to help. The highly-trained technicians are available 24/7 for emergency calls and for regular maintenance to help keep your heating & cooling system running smoothly.

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